May 2002
REMUS Vehicle Selected by QinetiQ to Assess UUV Mine Counter Measure Capabilities.

(May 28, 2002 – E. Falmouth, MA) Hydroid Inc. announces that their REMUS vehicle has been selected by QinetiQ (Weymouth, UK) for a two year program to study the capabilities of UUVs for shallow water Mine Counter Measure (MCM) operations.

QinetiQ, formally the Defense Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), is now a privatized company that has been tasked by the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) to identify the current capabilities of commercially available UUV systems for shallow water MCM operations. In support of this program, QinetiQ has placed an order with Hydroid, Inc. for two REMUS vehicles. Over a two year period, QinetiQ will subject these vehicles to a wide array of harsh environments and operational conditions in an effort to identify risks and evaluate the concepts. A final report and recommendations will be made to the MOD upon completion of the program.

The REMUS, a lightweight, low cost, autonomous underwater vehicle, was originally designed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), and is now commercially available only through Hydroid, Inc. (E. Falmouth, MA). The systems’ portability, ease of operation, and high quality data have made REMUS the system of choice for U.S. military shallow water MCM operations.

For further information contact Kevin McCarthy, Vice President of Marketing at Hydroid at Tel 508-563-6565, e-mail

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