January 2005
Hydroid receives order from the University of Hawaii for a REMUS Autonomous Underwater Vehicle system

(January 5, 2005 – Pocasset, MA) Hydroid Inc. announced today that it has recently received an order from the University of Hawaii for a REMUS AUV system. Hydroid is presently fabricating the system and plans on shipping in early 2005.

Three investigators were funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to purchase the REMUS system. The REMUS system will be immediately employed in programs sponsored by ONR in mine burial prediction, near shore wave and sediment processes, and carbonate sediment distribution. All three programs are presently ongoing at the University.

Dr. Roy Wilkens acts as coordinator for the Mine Burial Prediction Program. The goal of his program is to develop Tactical Decision Aids that will allow for determination of the probability of mine burial within a specified area.

Dr. Charles Fletcher is head of the Coastal Geology Group at the University of Hawaii. His research focuses on sand movement and repeat REMUS surveys will add a new dimension to the change detection studies Dr. Fletcher is conducting.

Dr. Geno Pawlak is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ocean Engineering. He is funded to study wave boundary layer processes over an irregular bottom. The REMUS data sets will enable Dr. Pawlak to determine sea floor roughness utilizing the system’s side scan sonar.

Hydroid Inc. holds the exclusive license from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for the manufacture and further development of the REMUS Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) technology.

For further information contact Kevin McCarthy, Vice President of Marketing at Hydroid at Tel 508-563-6565, e-mail kmccarthy@www.hydroidinc.com.

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