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Robot Submarines search for mines and much more.
Aug 2: The Hydroid company has designed pilotless drone that will look for weapons and possibly has other deep-sea applications. "On the Money's" Tyler Matheson reports.

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REMUS 100 in Action

Would you like to see the REMUS 100 in action without even leaving your desk? Hydroid's animation CD shows the deployment, recovery, operation, and capabilities of this exciting autonomous system. 


Design a REMUS system to meet your unique needs. New options now available!

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REMUS plays key role in Operation Iraqi Freedom...
FOX Network News details REMUS' role in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Undersea drones Pull Duty in Iraq Hunting Mines

WOODS HOLE - It looks like a torpedo, but this device doesn't explode. It searches for mines and other objects that do.

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EurekAlert! -- Men, Mammals and Marines

Now here was an awesome alliance: in March, when supply and hospital ships were on their way into Iraq's port of Umm Qasr, and the sea channels had to be cleared of the mines the Iraqis had planted, a group of Marine Corps reconnaissance swimmers, Navy SEALS, Explosive Ordnance divers, dolphins, and underwater drones joined forces.

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